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As our fleet grows and digitalization advances, we became aware about the big potential behind the mobility on demand solution.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the right software solution which fits our operational needs and is at the state of the art of technology to offer an immersive customer experience. So, we decided to develop our own tool that can be used as an all-around solution for all companies that face the same challenges as we do.

Our belief
in this software

Our system allows operators to reach the full potential of their minibus fleet. Operators are often faced with empty legs, km and drivers not being on the road but idling while waiting for their next trip. They are forced to use too many software systems that do not communicate well with each other and require a lot of manual effort for exchanging information.

Simple concept. Quick successes.

We help you by automatizing a maximum of the everyday tasks to guarantee the best possible service quality. This enables new commercial opportunities as several different sales channels with your respective business rules that can generate new demand.
Fleet Lab is the Software Solution that enables minibus operators to automatize a maximum of operational flows all by enabling new commercial opportunities.
Sam Sales
Founder and CEO of Fleetlab

Smart solution
made simple

Thanks to smart solutions, even a small or medium sized transport company can become a great player in the modern mobility landscape.
  • Stop manual effort to plan and dispatch a fleet
  • Easy communication with the drivers
  • Easy accept spontaneous trips
  • Digital tools to accept customer requests
  • Finding and retaining drivers

Experience it for yourself

Less costs than top level custom solutions by assuring the same quality and efficiency, constant improvement in the platform and tailored to your business model.
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vehicle & shift management, sales channels, and BI tool

One solution for multiple softwares to manage all aspects of your minibus fleet and vertical integration of all operational aspects of a mobility business through one software.