How Fleetlab Supports You as An Operator

Services and Product Specifications

Why Fleetlab is your go-to solution

The mobility streaming platform
Internal operations

Comprehensive back-office

Comprehensive back-office with a multi-view dashboard to oversee operations and support drivers. 
For drivers

Drivers management and support via app

We provide you with driver app for fewer communication efforts between driver and back-office. The driver sees his shift for the upcoming days and can notify the back-office about any incident that might occur during his shift.
For customers

Simple booking, best experience and less work for you

Mobile customer application that enables the passengers to locate their vehicle, providing the best experience to know where and when they’ll be picked up and fewer inquiries to the call center
For customers

Fully customized App

You can segment your customers by using multiple sales channels and still use the same infrastructure.
Internal operations

Track workload

Details of the employment contract, attached to each driver individually, enables you to monitor the workload for each driver in an automated way.
For your back-office

Dispatching and reporting

Vehicle dispatching is done automatically by the system. Reports can be generated and sent out on schedule to internal and external stakeholders
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