Reach the full potential of your minibus fleet

Discover the software solution for all your on-demand mobility products and optimized fleet management.

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What makes Fleetlab standout? 

FleetLab’s technology is one of the first in the industry and is more advanced than any of its kind. The innovative features provide our users with an experience that is efficient, easy, safe, and sustainable. We let you customize everything to your taste and do not force operators to adapt to our branding or products.

Shift your managing perspective

Shift from an overall trip planning towards planning a number of seats in a single vehicle across multiple products and brands.
Never face empty legs or kilometres again. Nie wieder leere Flotten oder unnötige Kilometer. Ne plus jamais faire face aux trajets à vide ou des kilomètres perdus. Shift your managing perspective Ändern Sie Ihre Perspektive Changez votre perspective

Think across your services

FleetLab improves the occupancy rate of your vehicles by sharing passengers across different types of services and sales channels.

Get your drivers on the road 

Fleetlab increases automatization and efficiency of operations.
Forget about drivers not being on the road but idling while waiting for their next trip. Durch die automatisierte Planung von Fahrerschichten mit dynamischer Berechnung der Pausenzeiten können wir uns noch stärker vom Wettbewerb abheben. qui attendent leur prochain voyage. Ne pensez plus aux conducteurs inactifs Automized planning Automatisierte Planung Planification automatisée

Automated planning

Automated planning of driver shifts with dynamic calculation of their break times lets us stand out against competition even more.

All-in-one solution that is custom tailored to your business model

We do not only provide the software solution but also guarantee a perfect integration of our services into your business. Additionally, we actively develop the Fleetlab suite and permanently add much needed features through close collaboration with our customers and partners.
We are Fleetlab.

We’ve built a system you can trust, data driven fleets you can control and flexibility that meets customer demand.

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Where Fleetlab supports you as an operator


Automate the fleet supervision, minimize all operational flows and take the most out of your everyday tasks but still be able to control every aspect of the process

Reach the full potential of your fleet

Operate all your several services within a single fleet management suite and perfectly exploit your fix costs

Mobile customer application

An after-sale service that lets the passengers locate their vehicle, let them know where and when they’ll be picked up

All features to digitalize your fleet management

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Our Team

Fleetlab is a young dynamic team that works very closely with mobility operators on a daily basis. Through this collaboration, we learn how to deal with our partners problems and integrate smart solutions into our software. One of the biggest strengths of this approach is the closeness to our customers, which allows us to gain a perfect understanding of what is needed and develop it in close collaboration.
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